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The animals’ welfare is influenced by a myriad little details. Our programs match your individual challenge to the right solution, monitor it, and service it all the way.

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icon program gut health antibiotic reduction
icon program gut health antibiotic reduction

Gut Health Management – Antibiotic Reduction

A healthy gut is essential for productivity. With a healthy gut, you can work preventively to reduce antibiotic use without losing profits.

Find out how our Gut Health Management – Antibiotic Reduction solution can answer your animals’ gut health challenges with effective solutions tailored to your needs.

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icon program toxin risk management
icon program toxin risk management

Toxin Risk Management

Bacterial toxins and mycotoxins have a negative impact on animal health. If toxin challenges are not properly tackled, they will trigger a cascade of negative effects. These include decreased performance, disease, increased (embryonic) mortality, and consequently reduced profitability.

Find out how to detect and mitigate the harmful effects of toxins on your business and reputation.

Suitable for:

icon program young animal nutrition
icon program young animal nutrition

Young Animal Nutrition

Pigs and calves are born with immature immune (and enzymatic) systems. It takes weeks to have them all up and running. During this phase, the health of the gut is a big concern. How can you best deal with early life challenges?

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What is a program?

icon specific answers
Individual answers to specific challenges

A program is an answer to a challenge. It is our understanding of how products, services and consultancy come together to make things better – or to prevent things from going bad.

icon tailored 1
Tailor-made solutions with monitored results

Together with you, we develop tailor-made solutions to improve performance parameters and animal welfare. The definition and monitoring of each key performance indicator is critical to ensure the success of each solution.

icon high performance
High performance and high profitability

Animal nutrition is key in keeping performance high. With the right program in place, you can optimize gut health, monitor feed quality, overcome critical periods in your animals’ lives, and improve overall profitability.

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