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Functional solutions
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Narrow the gateway to infections

Find the ingredients that can help prevent and mitigate respiratory tract infections through easy-to-use customer products.

Innovations in Respiratory Care

The nose and mouth are gateways to bacteria, viruses and fungi that may in the end cause infection and diseases of the respiratory system. Annual vaccination and anti-influenza drugs are the most important preventive and therapeutic measures, respectively, but their effects are limited due to the change of serotypes and poor applicability to high-risk patients as well as the appearance of drug resistant strains.

With EW Nutrition’s IgY-based ingredients, you can deliver easy-to-use products to improve respiratory health and general well-being.

Our products for Respiratory Care

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Respiratory care support

Ovalgen® is a natural egg-product containing immunoglobulins (IgY). It is ideally suited for usage in products such as health foods, functional foods or cosmetics. Ovalgen is already applied by large food and cosmetic manufacturers, who use it to successfully promote their products.

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