Innovations in
gastrointestinal care

Effective solutions for common GI problems

Gastrointestinal issues are life-changing afflictions. With ingredients from EW Nutrition, the most common GI afflictions can be addressed with effective, innovative, and consumer-friendly solutions.

GI care through innovative science

Gastrointestinal tract diseases and disorders are very common. During the last decade, Helicobacter pylori-induced gastritis and ulcer, rotaviral diarrhea, and obesity/metabolic syndrome are the three most studied subjects by medical researchers and scientists. With EW Nutrition, you have effective, innovative, trustworthy solutions to support and improve intestinal care.

Protect against gastritis, ulcer and more

Mitigate the damage done by Helicobacter pylori

H. pylori infects about half of the world population and causes serious disorders and diseases. Various studies have reported that IgY can inactivate urease, block the adherence of H. pylori to the gastric mucosa and inhibit its growth in the stomach, thus improving intestinal health.

A number of clinical trials have also shown that IgY are highly effective in controlling H. pylori levels in the stomach and preventing gastritis.

Reduce the effects of Rotaviral Diarrhea in children

Rotavirus is the commonest cause of severe dehydrating diarrhea among children worldwide, killing up to 600,000 children annually.

IRIG Japan has successfully developed a IgY solution which exhibited multi-serotypic cross-neutralization in vitro and significant reduction in principal outcomes of diarrhea when used in children with diarrhea.

Protect against Metabolic Syndrome and obesity

Ingredients to control lipid absorption

Globally, more than 1 billion adults are overweight and at least 300 million of them are clinically obese. Metabolic syndrome (MS) is one of the major complication of obesity. One-quarter of the world’ s adult population suffers from MS.

Controlling lipid absorption from the gut and fat accumulation inside the body is important to prevent MS and obesity. Among the prevention measures against MS, natural pancreatic lipase inhibitors have become more and more popular due to their safety.

The research group at EW Nutrition’s IRIG, Japan, has successfully developed a novel IgY which inhibits human lipase activity in the gut and reduces absorption of triglyceride into blood. With EW Nutrition’s ingredient based proprietary technology and formulation, this serious condition can be mitigated with easy-to-use consumer products.

Our products for GI Care

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Intestinal care support

Ovalgen® is a natural egg-product containing immunoglobulins (IgY). It is ideally suited for usage in products such as health foods, functional foods or cosmetics. Ovalgen is already applied by large food and cosmetic manufacturers, who use it to successfully promote their products.

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Strengthen gut pathogen resistance & a healthy stomach

Ovalgen® HP helps strengthen the gut immune system and resistance against pathogens in our stomach. Thus it supports and promotes a healthy stomach.
Ovalgen® HP is currently used in yogurts, tablets and in the form of capsules by large food companies.

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Support against gastrointestinal disorders

Ovalgen® RV was developed to enhance the gut immunity in young children and as a supportive, preventive, and therapeutic supplement in case of gastrointestinal disorders. This product is used in infant formulas and powedered milk products.

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