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Toxins can be found contaminating animal feed. But there is also a risk inside the animals: toxins produced or released by gut-residing bacteria. Stress potentiates the effects of toxins. At best, this lowers performance; at worst, this is a gateway for disease and serious losses.

With a combination of products, services, and on-site expert consultancy, we can help you safeguard your business against these significant threats, supporting performance and profitability.

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Toxin mitigation is a must

Synergistic effects of mycotoxins

In animal feeds, several mycotoxins are typically present at the same time, which can cause additive and synegistic toxic effects.

Negative effects range from reduced feed intake, immunosuppression, and reduced performance to systemic damage and death. Residues of certain mycotoxins constitute a threat to human health, as they can also be found in milk, eggs, and meat.


Significant threats from bacterial toxins

Bacterial toxins, parts of the cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria, are released when these bacteria grow and die. Stress and other disrupting factors enable the passage of endotoxins into the bloodstream, triggering inflammation, loss of performance and disease.

These threats to productivity need to be mitigated with holistic, effective solutions that work in your specific operation.

Understand toxins

graphic mycotoxins


Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi. They can cause severe health issues in animals, especially through the contamination of feedstuffs. This contamination is very common and often invisible to the naked eye.

graphic endotoxins


Bacterial toxins are not freely liberated into the surrounding environment. The damaging components are only released when the cell disintegrates. The complex macromolecules (lipopolysaccharides) can then cross the barrier into the bloodstream, especially in animals exposed to various types of challenges, and cause or enhance health issues.

graphic exotoxins


Exotoxins are toxins shed by some bacterial cells into the surrounding environment. They can cause severe health problems locally or to other parts of the organism, where they are carried through the bloodstream.

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You can easily safeguard your brand and your productivity with a comprehensive solution.

Our Toxin Risk Management Program  includes products, services, on-site advice, and expert consultancy for site-specific, customized expertise.

Tell us your region and the species you are interested in, as well as any other details you may wish to add. One of our local specialists will follow up to prepare your customized solution. Easy!

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EW Nutrition’s Toxin Risk Management program supports your productivity with targeted and customized solutions.

Did you know?

A single cell of E. coli contains 1.000.000 endotoxin molecules and a typical human gut could harbor approx. one gram of endotoxin.

Food losses due to mycotoxin contamination amount to  1 billion metric tons annually.

Staphylococcus aureus exotoxins cause skin infections and mastitis in cows. If these toxins remain in dairy products, they can also cause food poisoning in humans.

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