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With our skin & mucosa care line Ovalgen, consumer products are provided with additional effective solutions against common challenges.

Innovations in Skin & Mucosa Care

Mucosal and skin disorders cause severe discomfort and potentially severe health issues. The use of egg immunoglobulins in providing care for both is already shown to be of interest for medical professionals, researchers, and product manufacturers.

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Mitigate candidiasis with easy-to-use solutions

Skin is the largest organ in our body. It contains a vast number of different micro-organisms both on the inside and outside, including fungi. Whilst some of these microorganisms are beneficial, existent microorganisms could also cause a variety of infections, depending on the state of the host defect.

One of the most common skin infections caused by microorganisms is candidiasis, typically caused by Candida albicans. This can affect the skin and nails, and is also able to colonise mucosal surfaces of oral and vaginal cavities, as well as the digestive tract. Even though candidiasis should be infrequent in healthy individuals, the occurrence of candidiasis has increased in the last few decades due to immunosuppressive treatments, long-term catheterisation and use of antibiotics.

In recent years, the use of anti-Candida IgY to prevent candida infections in humans has attracted interests from medical professionals and researchers. In a study conducted by the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, IgY against C. albicans cross-reacted with various Candida spp. and blocked the binding of Candida spp. to the host cells. This fact, together with the easiness of mixing IgY with gels and creams, makes this solution an attractive tool for preventing and treating cutaneous candidiasis.

Our products for Skin & Mucosa Care

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Skin & mucosa care support

Ovalgen® is a natural egg-product containing immunoglobulins (IgY). It is ideally suited for usage in products such as health foods, functional foods or cosmetics. Ovalgen is already applied by large food and cosmetic manufacturers, who use it to successfully promote their products.

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Ingredients for oral and skin care products

Ovalgen® CA has a broad range of application for oral care and skin care. It can be used in various functional foods and cosmetic products. In Japan, this product is used as a functional ingredient in oral care cream for elderly people and for dry mouth patients.

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