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Immunoglobulin-based ingredients have long been shown to be beneficial and safe for a number of applications.

icon health food oral care
icon health food oral care

Oral Care

Oral health is essential to overall health and quality of life. Oral Care Ovalgen helps you protect against the most common oral challenges.

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icon health food intestinal care
icon health food intestinal care

Gastrointestinal Care

Gastrointestinal issues are life-changing afflictions. With ingredients from EW Nutrition, the most common GI afflictions can be addressed with effective, innovative, and consumer-friendly solutions.

Programs that work:

icon health food respiratory care
icon health food respiratory care

Respiratory Care

Find the ingredients that can help prevent and mitigate respiratory tract infections through easy-to-use customer products.

Programs that work:

icon health food skin care
icon health food skin care

Skin & Mucosa Care

Consumer products can now provide mucosal and skin care against common challenges, with effective natural ingredients.

Programs that work:

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Effective ingredients

Immunoglobulin-based effective solutions for some of the most common afflictions in human healthcare: from metabolic syndrome to candidiasis, see how we can help deliver answers.

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Ready-to-use products

Direct solutions through customer products with easy application, safe to use, and beneficial for common health issues, from immune system support to oral and intestinal care.

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