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Support for a long and healthy life for your pets

We make essential ingredients that turn pet food and pet treats into your helpers.
Support for gut and oral health can be easy, tasty, effective – and natural! Because your pets need care before they need medication.

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Easy mitigation of critical challenges

Better gut health support. Better oral care. A longer and healthier lifespan. Would a pet owner want anything less?

We know that the mouth microbiome, together with the gut microbiome, are critical to overall health and lifespan. Research and innovation in these fields have led to incredible breakthroughs in human life sciences. Have we left our pets behind?

As a leader in IgY technology, EW Nutrition provides essential ingredients that, through our Pet Pioneer program, help take pet care to the next level.

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Adult dogs and cats: Dental health

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Adult dogs: Gut health

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Puppies and kittens: Gut health

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Dogs and cats: Future fields of R&D

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Why Pet Care from EW Nutrition?

From pet advocates to pet lovers…
Pet care done right.

Our Pet Pioneer solutions come from decades of research conducted primarily in Japan, as well as the US and Germany. We are proud market leaders in a technology that is just, simply put, very effective. It just works.

Contact us to find out more and see how we can customize our solutions for your needs. Simple!

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EW Nutrition’s Pet Pioneer solutions have decades of research at their core, as well as decades of field proof. We work with the largest pet food makers – but we also work with anyone who just loves pets and wants what is best for them.

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