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with optimized gut health

Gut health is essential to high performance

Find out how to maintain your animals’ gut health with a holistic approach supporting profitable, predictable production.

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Optimized gut health with reduced antibiotic use

Gut health is essential for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is also critical for immune-competence and an efficient post-absorptive metabolism. A healthy gut acts as a barrier against pathogens. It can protect animals against toxins and other harmful metabolites, and supports the mucosal immune response.

Profitable production in the modern era requires adequate farm management, as well as antibacterial, antiparasitic, digestive, and metabolic solutions. Together they will set the foundation for animal health, welfare, and high performance.

Support for a healthy gut



Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory solutions


Feed additives boosting the metabolic and immune function in your animals


Enzyme solutions for better digestion

Acute response

Solutions for critical periods, e.g. under parasitic challenges

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Partnering for gut health

Make nutrition count

The largest expenditure in raising livestock is feed cost – so you should think of making it count. The gut helps your animals develop a healthy immune system, digest and metabolize ingredients, keep pathogens out and fight diseases, and more.

Gut health, in fact, is essential for your production.

Prevention works best

When your animals are healthy, they need less medication, grow faster, are more resilient to challenges, and generally perform better on all parameters.

Prevention and natural solutions not only boost profitability, but also help lower antibiotic use and stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.

A partner, not a supplier

Our solutions work because they embed premium products within premium resources. Our solutions integrate the know-how generated at our international research facilities, offer the quality guaranteed at our production plants, and include access to local and global expert support and services.

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Better gut health

leads to increased performance and helps lower your costs down the line. Preventive methods and innovative nutrition programs can help you achieve consistent, profitable production, year after year.

Because gut health is essential for your animals’ health and welfare.

What solutions support a healthy gut?

Why choose our solutions?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to your problems. That’s why our gut health & antibiotic reduction program is customer-tailored to answer your needs.

Our programs positively influence performance parameters in livestock by promoting health and good practices.

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EW Nutrition creates a Gut Health program that fits your requirements and specific circumstances.

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Gut Health Solution

Find out how our species-specific programs can help you improve performance and profitability.


Did you know?

There are likely at least 100 times as many genes within an animal’s gut microbiota as in the animal itself.

Proximity to high-density swine production or large-scale pig manure use is a risk factor for developing antibiotic-resistant infections.

There are roughly as many human cells as bacterial cells in our bodies.

A review of 179 studies found that reducing antibiotic use decreased the prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacteria in animals by 24–32%.

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