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Healthcare solutions backed by science

Immunoglobulins have been successfully used for decades to treat various health and welfare issues. With science-backed innovations and proprietary technology, EW Nutrition delivers easy-to-use solutions.

Decades of experience delivering solutions

EW Nutrition offers science-backed, technologically advanced ingredients for oral care, intestinal care, respiratory challenges, and skin and mucosa issues. Decades of experience and expertise have been distilled into a range of products that bring effective solutions delivered with solid, trustworthy technology.

Ingredient solutions for human healthcare

Oral Care


Gastrointestinal Care


Skin & Mucosa Care


Respiratory Care


How do we help?

For companies delivering protective and preventive solutions for human healthcare, EW Nutrition provides egg immunoglobulin-based ingredients that help solve some of the most common challenges: intestinal troubles, respiratory challenges, oral care and more.

Our ingredients have been used for years in Japan, Korea and many other countries, where we have enabled manufacturers to offer science-backed, technologically advanced solutions to recurrent health challenges.

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