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Immunity Support

Calves and lambs are born without a working immune system. Receiving maternal colostrum with high amounts of immunoglobulins helps protect them from increased disease prevalence and lower performance during early and adult life.

Globigen Colostrum

Additional supply of immunoglobulins during the first days of life

  • Contains functional immunoglobulins from the egg (IgY) and colostrum (IgG) to support immune system and intestinal health
  • Can be mixed directly into colostrum – eff ective colostrum enhancer
  • Improve health condition and weight gain of new-born animals

Available sizes:   500g   |   1kg   |   2,5kg

Globigen Calf Paste

Stabilize physiological digestion during the first days of life

  • Functional egg immunoglobulins (IgY) to support immune system and intestinal health
  • Stabilizes the intestinal fl ora additionally through probiotics
  • Used in case of digestive disorders and insuffi cient colostrum quality and quantity

Available size:   6 x 30 ml

Globigen Lamb Doser

Good start in life for new-born lambs

  • With functional egg immunoglobulins (IgY) to support the immune system and intestinal health during the first days of life
  • Particularly important in cases of inadequate colostrum quality
  • In case of digestive disorders

Available size:   250ml

Globigen Dia Stop

Stabilize water and electrolyte balance and support physiological digestion

  • Contains functional egg immunoglobulins (IgY) and yeast cell walls to support intestinal health
  • In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance
  • Reduces diarrhea, improves weight gain, and may reduce the number of treatments required

Available sizes:   2 kg   |   7,5 kg

Probicol K

Stabilize physiological digestion

  • Supplement to colostrum feeding: contains valuable immunoglobulins (IgG) as well as important vitamins
  • Increases vitality in three ways: supports the immune system, stabilizes the intestinal flora, provides necessary energy quickly
  • Fast and safe application through injector

Available size:   6 x 20 ml

Oral Rehydration

The most common calf issue is diarrhea. This stems from infectious diseases or non-infectious issues, such as insufficient colostrum or poor hygiene. Replacing water losses and correcting metabolic acidosis helps prevent severe economic losses.


Reduce dehydration due to diarrhea, transport, and heat stress

  • Contains sodium bicarbonate as an effective buffer against acidosis
  • Usage in case of digestive disorders, lack of appetite, and unwillingness to drink
  • Stress-free application without applicator

Available size:   15 x 13 g


Stabilize water and electrolyte balance

  • Electrolyte and buffer solution, can be mixed directly into the milk drink
  • Contains additional inulin to support intestinal health
  • Regulates the blood pH-value to prevent acidosis and protection against dehydration caused by diarrhea, transport stress, and heat

Available size:   1000 ml

Respiratory Health

The lungs of calves are not fully developed and relatively small. This and their segmented structure leads to an increased risk of respiratory diseases, especially in wet and cold weather. Respiratory issues lead to significant losses and long-term performance reduction.

Bronchogol Liquid

Stabilize the physiological defence system in the respiratory tract

  • Based on eucalyptus and mint oil – supports mucus transport and expectoration
  • Application especially during critical weather phases and stress periods, can be used particularly at the risk of calf flu
  • Easy administration together with the milk – very good acceptance

Available size:   1000 ml

Transition Period

During transition, decreased dry matter combines with a sharply increasing demand for energy and nutrients. For dairy cows, disease incidence is highest immediately after calving. It is essential to counter these metabolic disorders to prevent low milk yield and secondary diseases.


Supply cows with a calving drink to add vitamins and trace elements

  • Contains electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements, and energy to compensate losses after calving
  • Tasty, improves water intake after calving – prevention of abomasal displacement
  • Time-saving application and easy dosing

Available size:   200 ml

Calz-o-Phos Liquid

Reduce risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever

  • Very high levels of fast-release calcium and phosphorus (59g and 45g per bottle)
  • Without corrosive calcium chloride
  • Simple and stress-free application, no forced application necessary – can be mixed with water or concentrated feeds

Available size:  4 x 500 ml

Calzogol Bolus

Reduce risk of subclinical and clinical milk fever

  • High levels of fast- and slow-release calcium and vitamin D3 per bolus
  • Calcium sources with different release rates for a consistent calcium supply – economical, only one bolus per dose necessary
  • Without corrosive calcium chloride, very well received by the mucosa

Available size:  4 x 175 g

Phosphogol Bolus

Avoid phosphorus deficiency after calving

  • Very high content of fast available phosphorus (37g) per bolus
  • Easy to use and economical – one bolus per dose is sufficient
  • Combine with Calzogol Bolus to ensure a sufficient supply of calcium and phosphorus and thus prevent milk fever

Available size:  4 x 185 g

Ket-o-Vital Bolus

Reduce the risk of ketosis

  • Based on glucoplastic substances to influence the energy metabolism
  • Acts on three physiological levels: liver, rumen, and immune system – contains niacin, cobalt and active yeast
  • Results in increased appetite, vitality, and recovery

Available size:  4 x 135 g

Fertility Support

Worldwide, reproductive performance has decreased, especially in cows with high genetic potential for milk production. Supporting reproductive efficiency is essential for the economic success of dairy herds.

Fertilgol Bolus

Supports preparation for oestrus and reproduction

  • Shorten calving intervals
  • The high content of beta-carotene supports the corpus luteum development, oestrus cycle, embryo transfer, colostrum quality, and sperm quality
  • Long-term bolus with constant release of the ingredients over 20 days

Available size:   8 x 95 g

Healthy Intestine

The gut plays a vital and diverse role as it hosts the majority of the microorganisms in the body, contains more than twenty different hormones, digests and absorbs the nutrients, and accounts for 20% of body energy expenditure. In monogastric animals gut microbiome profoundly influences immune system development.

Globigen Pig Doser

Stabilize physiological digestion

  • With functional egg immunoglobulins (IgY) to support immune system and intestinal health in the first days of life
  • Reduces the mortality rate and improves intestinal health
  • Improves profitability through more weaned piglets per sow per year

Available sizes:   250 ml   |   500 ml

Activo Liquid

Gut health during high-challenge conditions

  • Antimicrobial properties hindering the growth of pathogens
  • Better gut integrity and healthy microbiota optimize feed efficiency
  • Antioxidant properties at the gut level prevent oxidative stress

Available sizes:   1000 ml   |   5000 ml

Respiratory Health

Respiratory diseases are a major cause of mortality and economic loss in the livestock industry. Infection spreads quickly through sneezing, wheezing and coughing. It is therefore important to pre-empt this and react quickly to alleviate respiratory distress.


Fast-acting solution for respiratory issues

  • Quick relief against respiratory distress
  • Preventive action
  • Mucolytic and immunomodulating properties

Available sizes:   1000 ml   |   5000 ml

Egg Quality

The quality of the eggshell directly depends on the quality of layer management. Nutritional, biological, and environmental factors weigh in heavily. At every stage, it is essential that the egg producer takes into account the elements that support the formation of high-quality eggs.

Stimuvital IP

Support the quality of egg shells and bone health

  • Support for egg shell quality and shell thickness
  • Instant and flexible solution with good water solubility
  • Better Calcium absorption through high Vitamin D3 content

Available sizes:   1000 ml   |   5000 ml

For all animals

Skin Care

The skin is the sensor and control center for many sensory perceptions, an important element in the regulation of body temperature, and a protective cover for the body all in one. Preserving the health and integrity of your animals’ skin is essential to their overall well-being.

Blue Spray

Blue coloring skin and hoof care spray

  • The skin‘s ability to retain moisture is improved, the skin becomes smooth and elastic
  • Contains wound healing supporting dexpanthenol and oregano oil (carvacrol) – without antibiotics, therefore no waiting time or documentation required
  • Protection and care for stressed and sensitive skin areas

Available sizes:   200 ml   |   400 ml

Powder Spray

Microfine powder spray to protect sensitive skin areas

  • The powder dries the sprayed skin surface (e.g. the area between the thighs)
  • Contains zinc oxide – supports the natural regeneration of skin and coat
  • Without antibiotics, therefore no waiting time or documentation required

Available sizes:   200 ml   |   400 ml

Silver Spray

Film-forming aluminium skin care

  • Special adhesive properties to form an elastic, breathable and moisture-repellent metal film
  • Protection against dirt and other harmful environmental influences
  • Without antibiotics, therefore no waiting time or documentation required

Available size:   200 ml

Zinc Oxide Spray

Ointment spray to support natural skin regeneration

  • Serves as an ointment bandage, protects against harmful environmental influences
  • Protects the skin from dehydration, stressed skin becomes smooth again
  • Contains zinc as an important component, without antibiotics, therefore no waiting time or documentation required

Available size:   200 ml

Hoof and Claw Spray

Care spray for corneous tissues

  • Immediately absorbed, leaving a protective oil film
  • Also suitable for use after dehorning
  • Intensive black colouring, optimal for embellishment prior or during tournaments and for show horses

Available size:   200 ml

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