Overcome early life challenges
through immune support

Ensure performance from the first days of life

Calves and piglets are born without sufficient immune protection. Constant immune support during the first days of life is vital for successful production.

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Nutrition for a healthy start in life

In calves and piglets, antibody transfer in the womb is not possible, given the structure of the maternal placenta.

Even in the best-run operations, young animals face hard days due to still immature systems. For these animals, every hour counts. The immunity gap and lack of nutrients can lead to high mortality and severe enteric issues, and negatively impact lifetime performance. Strategies must be put in place to decrease the risk of pathogenic proliferation and support a constant development of the gastrointestinal tract. It is essential to support these animals during this critical phase to ensure a healthy start.

Solutions for young animals

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A healthy start for successful production

Mitigate challenges

In young animals, any sign of weakness – diarrhea, reduced feed or water intake, apathy etc. – may impact the development and affect the later production and profitability of the operation.

…with effective solutions

Preventive and proactive solutions help support young animals’ gut health and immunity. With a combination of products, on-farm expert consultancy, and farm management best practices, you can give your animals the right assistance in challenging times.

Why choose our solutions?

Our program targets challenges in the first few hours of life, but also the way these early challenges will impact the development and health of animals over the next couple of weeks. It is focused on nutrition, in particular issues such as low feed intake, limited digestive capacity, water quality and more.

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Did you know?

Piglet’s intestines’ capacity to absorb immunoglobulins from the sow’s first milk quickly declines: only 12 hours after birth it can only absorb 25% of the antibodies.

Research indicates that early exposure to farm animals leads positively affects babies’ gut microbiome and may lead to a more robust immune system

Calves are born with only 2.8% body fat, compared to 15% in humans. Cow colostrum contains twice as many calories as normal milk for a proper energy boost.

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