5 min read

Mycotoxin Monitoring Update: Fall 2021 Essentials

by Vinil Samraj Padmini, Global Category Manager Feed Quality, and Marisabel Caballero, Global Technical Manager, EW Nutrition Climate across the globe has changed, with rising atmospheric temperatures and carbon dioxide…
2 min read

Reducing apo-esters: What are the alternatives?

by Twan van Gerwe, Technical Director, EW Nutrition A year ago, the European Commission announced regulation (EU) 2020/1400 – restricting the use of ethyl ester of β-apo-8’-carotenoic acid (generally known as ‘apo-ester’). Starting on 26 October 2021, this legislation restricts…
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Antioxidant benefits in pig feed

by Fellipe Freitas Barbosa, Team Lead Global Technical Management – Swine, EW Nutrition In modern swine production, one of the key aspects for success is a balanced diet. This essentially means…