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Effects on Performance and Gut Health of Ventar D Supplementation in Broiler Diets

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Summary of study by Necmettin Ceylan, Sait Koca, Nejla Kahraman, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Animal Science, 6110 Ankara/Türkiye

The study conducted by Dr. Celyn et al. in 2023 focused on the impact of Ventar D supplementation in broiler diets on growth performance and gut health. The trial was carried out over six weeks on Ross 308 broiler chicks, comparing a control group with an experimental group supplemented with Ventar D. The trial feed was based on corn, soybean meal, wheat, sunflower meal, and poultry oil.

Key Findings

Growth Performance: The study demonstrated that Ventar D supplementation significantly improved body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio (FCR) and EPEF during the starter, grower, and finisher periods. The overall performance of chickens fed with Ventar D was notably better, showing a 6.5% higher body weight and 1.67% better FCR compared to the control group.

Treatments BWG, g FCR Corrected FCR2565 FI, g Mortality,% EPEF
Control 2520.6a±32,77 1.620a±0.006 1.629a±0.011 4082.2a±46.77 3.25±0.28 367.2a±5.18
Ventar D 2684.3b±23.65 1.593b±0.010 1.568b±0.015 4273.9b±19.89 2.75±0.53 399.8b±4.35

Different letters indicate significance; P ≤ 0.05

Liver Enzymes: The addition of Ventar D led to a significant decrease in serum Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels

Treatments ALP ALT
Control 286.70±54.98 1.505a±0.390
Ventar D 301.50±87.19 0.832b±0.181

Different letters indicate significance; P ≤ 0.05

Gut Health: Ventar D supplementation resulted in higher concentrations of short-chain volatile fatty acids (SCVFA) in the cecum.

  Acetate Propionate Butyrate Isobutyrate Valerate Isovalerate BCFA Total SCFA
Control 27.22a±1.26 8.21±0.38 7.24a±0.41 0.848±0.078 0.964±0.043 0.881±0.054 2.69a±0.12 45.36a±1.53
Ventar D 30.51b±0.80 9.36±0.56 8.86b±0.44 0.878±0.070 1.121±0.077 0.993±0.031 2.99b±0.08 51.73b±1.32

Different letters indicate significance; P ≤ 0.05


Considering the results summarized in the tables above according to the feeding phases and the overall study (0-41 days): Ventar D supplementation of broiler feeds at the level of 100 g/ton significantly improved growth performance parameters during the starter, grower and finisher periods (P ≤ 0.05), and in the final results was stable at 6.5% higher BW and 1.67% better FCR compared to the control group. European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) was also significantly better than the control group (P ≤ 0.05).

In the study, liver enzyme and the concentration of short-chain volatile fatty acids also improved significantly with the addition of Ventar D, which may be attributed to the gut health related mode of action for Ventar D.

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