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EW Nutrition unveils revolutionary xylanase Axxess XY at Victam 2024

Singapore – March 12, 2024 – EW Nutrition, a leading innovator in the animal nutrition industry, officially launched its newest product, Axxess XY, in VICTAM 2024, at the BITEC Exhibition Center in Bangkok.

Axxess XY is an intrinsically thermostable xylanase that breaks down both the soluble and insoluble fiber fraction from feed ingredients such as corn, wheat, grain by-products and oilseed cakes. It releases nutrients trapped in cell wall fractions and improves the gut environment by reducing viscosity. The newly launched product thus gives feed producers peace of mind when working with various feed processing conditions, as well as significant feed cost savings with flexibility in feed formulation.

“The successful launch of Axxess XY in VICTAM 2024 demonstrates our commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving needs of animal production and to contribute to the growth of the industry in the region.” said Ramakanta Nayak, regional director for EW Nutrition South East Asia/Pacific.

Dr. Ajay Awati, Global Director of Enzymes, EW Nutrition, expressed enthusiasm about the product launch, stating, “We are excited to have had such an amazing response to Axxess XY during and after our launch at VICTAM 2024. Axxess XY is the result of EW Nutrition R&D team’s hard work and dedication to pushing the boundaries of enzymes technology in animal nutrition.”

Axxess XY is touted as the most advanced xylanase yet, making EW Nutrition an important player in the enzyme market.



About EW Nutrition 

EW Nutrition offers animal nutrition solutions to the feed industry. The company’s focus is on gut health, supported by other product lines. EW Nutrition researches, develops, produces, sells, and services most of the products it commercializes. In 50 countries, key accounts are served directly by EW Nutrition’s own personnel.  

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