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High-performance swine production with reduced use of antibiotics: 2nd workshop by EW Nutrition and OPP Group

High-performance swine production with reduced use of antibiotics: Second workshop by EW Nutrition and OPP Group

From 4 to 7 November, in Lleida, Spain, OPP Group and EW Nutrition are hosting their second workshop on animal health and welfare with reduced antibiotic use. 

The two-day event offers swine producers and other stakeholders essential, actionable information on developing profitable swine operations while reducing the use of antibiotics. “This is a very useful opportunity to learn from the experts, as well as from each other,” says Michael Gerrits, Managing Director, EW Nutrition.

For this second workshop, OPP Group, highly experienced in integral swine production advisory, is partnering with EW Nutrition, an expert in animal nutrition solutions to mitigate antibiotic resistance. “Participants will learn a lot about reducing antibiotic use while keeping performance high,” says Joan Sanmartín Suñer, CEO of OPP Spain. “Everyone will leave the workshop with new ideas and solutions – and new friends.”

The event will take place at the OPP headquarters in Lleida and will bring together international speakers with stellar research and technical backgrounds.


About the hosts

EW Nutrition is an animal nutrition company that offers integrators, feed producers, and self-mixing farmers holistic solutions for gut health management and antibiotic reduction, young animal nutrition, toxin risk management, and more. OPP GROUP is a leading company providing integral swine production consulting and advisory around the world. It is present in the animal health, farming turnkey projects, and R&D business lines. OPP is working to improve animal welfare and the quality of management practices employed on farms.

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