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Rumen health with reduced antibiotics, nitrogen feed efficiency, and toxin risk management are essential to keep your animals’ performance high throughout their lifecycle.

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There are dozens of challenges that might affect your animals’ performance. From birth onward, rumen imbalances, immunity issues, feed contamination, energy inefficiency and more need to be constantly kept in check to prevent losses to your operation.

A combination of targeted products, expert on-site services, monitoring and more can simply bring you better results.

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A modular program for ruminant support

Milk and meat performance requirements

Rumen health is one of the most important preconditions for performance in milk and meat. That is why you should act constantly and decisively to prevent an impaired balance in ruminal flora. A balanced feed ratio with a sufficient amount of fiber, as well as products designed to support ruminants in times of high energy requirements, are essential in keeping or improving animal performance.


…met with smart ruminant solutions

Our Rumen Health Management program aggregates essential nutrition-based factors to promote animal health. Phytomolecule-based products modulate ruminal fermentation and increase the synthesis of microbial protein, improving energy utilization. Stress-related toxin release, as well as mycotoxin feed contamination, are kept in check with toxin mitigation solutions. Slow-release feed-grade urea makes it possible to replace a higher percentage of protein rich feed. This allows the inclusion of a higher percentage of crude fiber to the diet to promote rumen health.


these solutions improve rumen health and support performance and productivity in your operation.

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You can easily safeguard your brand and your productivity with a comprehensive solution.

Our Rumen Health Management Program  includes products, calculators, and on-site advisory and consultancy from local experts, for site-specific, customized expertise.

Tell us your region and the species you are interested in, as well as any other details you may wish to add. One of our local specialists will send you a detailed action pack containing specific solutions for your rumen challenges. Simple!

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EW Nutrition’s Rumen Health Management program brings support to your productivity with targeted and customized solutions.

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Did you know?

Studies have shown that bacteria from urinary tract infections in humans are highly similar to bacteria from retail chicken samples, indicating animal-to-human transmission through food.

Proximity to high-density swine production or large-scale pig manure use is a risk factor for developing antibiotic-resistant infections.

There are roughly as many human cells as bacterial cells in our bodies.

Meat from conventionally raised poultry was twice as likely to contain multidrug-resistant Salmonella as poultry labeled antibiotic-free or organic.

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