Toxin mitigation
for welfare and productivity

Animals are exposed to toxin challenges all through their lifecycle. Act efficiently to maintain production performance and prevent losses, with an integrated approach and responsive services.

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What is included in the Mastersecure line?

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Reduce the impact of stress and mitigate toxin risks

Animals are exposed to stress challenges all through their lifecycle. With stress  come endotoxins, triggering inflammatory reactions and reducing performance. Act efficiently to prevent and mitigate the impact of endotoxins and mycotoxins on welfare, health and performance.

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Health and productivity under toxin challenges

Even at low levels, mycotoxins hinder animal welfare, health and performance. Act efficiently to prevent the impact on your productivity and profitability.

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Mycotoxin mitigation preventively or under challenges

Mastersecure is a premixture developed to lower the impact of aflatoxin on production animals. With Mastersecure, you can act preemptively and mitgate the risks posed this common mycotoxins.

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Mitigate toxin risks and support ruminant productivity

Mastersecure Premium is a mineral feed specifically developed for ruminants. It contains a combination of proprietary ingredients that, in toxin challenges, support the health, metabolism and productivity of the animals.

The Mastersecure line gives proven benefits to these species:

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Take action against toxins

Reduce the consequences of stress on animal production


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