Driven by our values
Propelled by our vision

Inspired by our customers…

…to become an innovator and a partner. To push for transparent practices, to practice excellence, and to deliver benefits.

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Growing through customer centricity and innovation

EW Nutrition is a group of businesses built around one vision: serve customers with transparent solutions that bring reliable benefits, with reduced need for antibiotics.
We build solutions starting from challenges, rather than try to sell solutions for problems that may or may not exist.
We are a network built to deliver benefits.

Our mission

EW Nutrition’s mission is to mitigate the impact of antimicrobial resistance by providing comprehensive animal nutrition solutions. To turn our commitment into reality, each of our programs delivers a key dimension of our mission. By pursuing our objectives in animal nutrition, our work contributes to increasing the efficacy of human healthcare.

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Tailor-made solutions

In close cooperation with each customer, we develop tailor-made solutions to improve performance parameters and animal welfare. These solutions typically include services, products and consultancy. The definition and monitoring of each key performance indicator is critical to ensure the success of each solution.

Our service

EW Nutrition is active globally, serving key accounts in over 50 countries. Our tagline, “Functional Innovations backed by Science”, is operationalized through technical support at local, regional, and global level.

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Creating value for customers

EW Nutrition researches, develops, manufactures, markets, and services its programs and products. Headquartered in Germany, EW Nutrition operates manufacturing facilities on 4 continents. Innovation is driven by research labs in Germany and Japan, with development centers in the 5 most important animal nutrition markets. New biotechnology-based solutions are upscaled at EW Nutrition’s subsidiary EW Biotech.

Our core values

Inside the company, we are friends and partners in learning; outside the company, we are friends and partners in delivering benefits and expertise.

In and out, we live and breathe the same simple, essential values:

Customer first

Act respectfully

Seek excellence

Be curious

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