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Solutions for young animals and dairy cattle

A healthy rumen and optimal performance support

Support animal performance with nutrition-based or direct-application solutions.

Support performance from birth onwards

Each stage of the animals’ life comes with new challenges. To best deal with them, look for solutions that are both targeted and holistic.

From feed management to rumen health to skin care, EW Nutrition delivers support for dairy cows and sheep, throughout the animals’ lifecycle.

Solutions delivered through feed – and more

Respiratory issues


Lactation and rumen performance


Toxin risk mitigation


Young animal nutrition


More Solutions


When you partner with EW Nutrition

you receive the benefit of a global network of knowledge with a local network of regionalized application and support.

For each of your challenges, EW Nutrition offers customized solutions in the form of products, services, consultancy, and more. We usually group these solutions under programs, and we target them to your specific issue, your specific operation, and your specific location.

Solutions for ruminant performance

In ruminants, small nutritional changes can make a huge difference. In some of the most challenging situations, it is essential to know how to adjust the feed and liquids offered to the animals to prevent decompensation.

EW Nutrition offers both in-feed options, through its rumen health and toxin risk management solutions, and applied products through our On Farm Solutions.

Gut & rumen health heavily impacts performance

EW Nutrition supports your ruminants with innovative products and services to maintain and increase your animals’ performance and productivity. They range from in-feed and holistic solutions to specialized products for animal care.

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