Species-specific, customer-tailored solutions

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You are interested in solutions that keep your operation productive year after year. We are here to support you in reaching that goal. Our solutions are not just species-specific, but also tailored to your needs. No generic ideas: we give you something that works for you.

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icon poultry


Solutions for gut health with reduced antibiotic use: feed intake, feed efficiency, weight gain, support against pathogenic or toxin challenges.

Programs that work:

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icon swine


Reduce diarrhea, support immunity, lower pre-weaning mortality, minimize the impact of respiratory issues, and increase performance with swine-specific solutions and holistic, customer-specific programs.

Programs that work:

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icon ruminants


Give your animals support for performance. Maintain immunity and efficiency, aid ruminant welfare, support against diarrhea and other challenges.

Programs that work:

How do we help?

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Individual answers to specific challenges

A program is an answer to a challenge. It is our understanding of how products, services and consultancy come together to make things better – or to prevent things from going bad.

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Tailor-made solutions with monitored results

Together with you, we develop tailor-made solutions to improve performance parameters and animal welfare. The definition and monitoring of each key performance indicator is critical to ensure the success of each solution.

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High performance and high profitability

Animal nutrition is key in keeping performance high. With the right program in place, you can optimize gut health, monitor feed quality, overcome critical periods in your animals’ lives, and improve overall profitability.

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Because your individual challenge needs a customized solution.


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