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For animals under pathogenic pressure or under various immunity challenges, Globimax offers a high-quality source of functional proteins. Our product line provides support for gut/rumen health, immunity, and other challenges.

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What is included in the Globimax line?

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Natural immunoglobulins for support in challenging periods

Globigen Jump Start is a high value source of immunoglobulins (IgY), supporting piglets during the critical pre- and postweaning period.

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Lower pathogen pressure and support for piglet development

Globigen Sow is an effective solution to reduce infection pressure and to improve the general health status of newborn piglets, lowering preweaning mortality and improving weaning weight.

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Mitigate the negative impact of pathogens on calves’ performance

Globimax Life Start is a safe and standardized ingredient for milk replacers. It is a high-quality source of functional egg immunoglobulins (IgY) to mitigate the negative impact of pathogens on the calves’ performance. Globimax Life Start improves weight gain and supports a lower diarrhea incidence.

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Quick, effective solutions for on-farm relief

Globimax offers a range of ruminant and pig products for on-farm use. Pig Doser, Colostrum, Calf Paste, Lamb Doser or Dia Stop are all members of the larger On Farm Solutions family, aimed at providing fast, efficient animal care. Find out more about our On Farm Solutions!

The Globimax line gives proven benefits to these species:

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Immunity and gut balance
support throughout the lifecycle

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