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Effective support for piglet-specific issues

Piglet management is key to swine performance. Find solutions that work specifically for your situation.

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Healthy piglets
to increase farm profitability

Post-weaning doesn’t have to be hard. Maintaining piglet health and well-being is crucial throughout this stage. With EW Nutrition’s solutions, customized for your specific issues, farm, and region, you take early, targeted action to support optimal piglet performance.

What is your piglets’ biggest challenge?

Weaning compromises piglet physiology and performance. We support producers in minimizing these negative effects by focusing on various pieces of the puzzle: nutrition, biosecurity, pathogenic control, water quality and more.

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While pigs have a very high growth rate and meat yield under good management, they also have a number of specific issues.

During the early stages of life, immature immune and enzymatic systems are causes of concern. They are prone to dysbiosis and, as a consequence, diarrhea. This can be a harm in the life performance of this animals. As they grow, they commonly face other challenges, such as respiratory issues, that can compromise feed intake and performance.

If mortality occurs, the impact to your business profitability is very high. It is essential to give your animals a good start in life and to keep them under preventive care throughout the lifecycle.

With EW Nutrition’s customized solutions, you can place your animals’ care in expert hands.

Gut health, an essential component of performance

Pigs’ gut health and balance is essential to production performance.

To mitigate challenges to swine gut health, EW Nutrition’s Gut Health Management – Antibiotic Reduction program provides a holistic approach. This offers swine producers effective solutions to improve performance, reduce the need for antibiotics, and thus increase predictable profitability.

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Reduce bacterial toxin & mycotoxin risks

As with most health and welfare issues, the best approach to manage the risk of endo- and mycotoxins is to implement an integrated strategy. This includes preventive feed practices, good crop and grain storage, endotoxin mitigation, as well as monitoring toxin risks.

EW Nutrition’s Toxin Risk Management Program has been developed to assist in both ongoing or seasonal risks. With a holistic, integrated solution, your animals can reach a higher level of performance simply by preventing and mitigating toxin risks.

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Give piglets a great start – and see performance increase

Immune gaps are a burden and mostly occurs in two moments. The first one occurs shortly after birth, before the first intake of colostrum. The second one comes after 4-6 weeks, when the maternal protection from the colostrum and milk decreases, while the animals’ own immune system is not yet adequately built up.

Our Young Animal Nutrition Program offers support to animals during these two critical phases. Flexible product application and strong technical support will support to achieve the full potential of growth the animals and optimize profitability.

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