Mycotoxin control
for optimal animal performance

Support improved performance parameters, reduce the risk of mycotoxicosis, and maintain the overall quality of feed

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What is included in the TOXIBAN® line?

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Protect your animals from hidden threats to productivity

TOXIBAN® is an effective mycotoxin control solution for maximum animal performance, with multiple advantages:
» Reduce feed deterioration caused by molds and their metabolites
» Control Aflatoxin contamination in feed ingredient raw materials
» Reduce mycotoxicosis risk, thus improving animal production parameters on the farm

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Maximum feed security for maximum animal performance

TOXIBAN® Max is a new generation of mycotoxin shield that provides effective protection against the most significant mycotoxins in poultry, swine and dairy feed. The synergistic combination of ingredients blocks fungal toxic metabolites from entering the blood stream by a combination of active and passive adsorption.

» Highly efective in controlling the most important feed mycotoxins
» Supports restoration of optimal animal performance
» Reduced risk of mycotoxicosis

The TOXIBAN® line gives proven benefits to these species:

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Start delivering optimal performance

Manage the effects of mycotoxins in feed and animal performance

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