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Preserve and stabilize
compound feed and raw materials

Inhibit the growth of molds and yeast, prevent nutrient losses, and help avoid the formation of mycotoxins

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Strong yeast and mold inhibition while maintaining moisture in feed

PRO-STABIL® BSL preservative premixture is used in the preservation and stabilization of compound feed and feed materials. Due to its strong inhibitory effect on yeasts and molds, it is particularly used to stabilize total mixed rations.

» Improved feed production: Increased moisture in feed with no risk of mold development
» Improved feed mill production parameters: Improved microbiological quality of grains and feed, reduced water activity in feed and grains
» Prevention of mold recontamination
» Improved total weight of grains and feed: Reduced water dissipation
» Easy to handle

PRO-STABIL® BSL gives proven benefits to these species:

icon poultry
icon swine
icon ruminants

Improve the microbiological quality of feed

Increase moisture without mold and reduce water dissipation

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