Preserve the nutritional value of your silage!

The Biomin® BioStabil product line is based on a formulation of strategically selected lactic acid bacteria for optimal preservation of your feed. These bacteria produce lactic and acetic acid in a balanced ratio, ensuring an improved fermentation process and longer aerobic stability of the silage. The rapid pH reduction and the direct effect of acetic acid inhibit the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms. The result is a stable nutritional value and improved stability of the silage.


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The Biomin®  BioStabil product line includes a wide range of ensiling agents that are tailored to the needs of our customers and represent a complete package for ensiling different feedstuffs with different dry matter contents. In published research papers with Biomin®  BioStabil was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product line on different feed types and conditions.

Biomin® BioStabil increases the quality and nutritional value of the silage and ensures greater aerobic stability.

Biomin® BioStabil is easy to use and easily soluble. Biomin® BioStabil is non-corrosive and free from genetically modified organisms (GMO-free).

The main advantages of Biomin® BioStabil

» Improved fermentation

» Longer storage times due to improved aerobic stability

» Higher energy content

» Protein preservation

» Higher animal performance and profits

Grass, alfalfa and haylage

Biomin® BioStabil Plus consists of the best balanced amount and type of homo- and heterofermentative bacteria (Table 1) necessary to achieve the desired results, including energy conservation. The formulation contains the fast-growing, lactic acid-producing homofermentative strain  L. plantarum  DSM 19457, which produces sufficient lactic acid to quickly lower the pH value in ensiled feed and thus protects against losses of dry matter, energy and proteins during the fermentation phase.

Table 1: Product features Biomin® BioStabil Plus
characteristic L. plantarum L. brevis L. kefiri
Rapid pH reduction +++ + +
Effective on silage with high dry matter content +++ +
Lactic acid production +++ ++ +
Clostridia reduction +++ +++ +
Minimal dry matter losses +++ + +
Production of acetic acid and
improvement of aerobic stability
+++ +++

Biomin® BioStabil Plus also contains  L. kefiri  DSM 19455 and another selected heterofermentative strain  L. brevis  DSM 23231, which produce sufficient acetic acid to ensure improved aerobic stability in the collection phase. The combination of one homofermentative and two heterofermentative strains also protects against the growth of undesirable bacteria, such as clostridia, yeasts and molds, during and after ensiling, thus helping to prevent losses of valuable dry matter, energy and proteins from the silage.

The use of several strains is intended, among other things, to help increase the effectiveness of Biomin® BioStabil Plus with different types of feed and conditions such as humidity and temperature.


Biomin® BioStabil Mays is the ensiling agent for your silage and contains selected homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria for an improved anaerobic fermentation process and increased aerobic stability of the silage. The use improves the preservation of valuable energy, proteins and dry matter through a rapid initial pH reduction and optimal acetic acid production. This limits the growth of unwanted microbes during ensiling and after the silo is opened, thereby maintaining the nutritional value and feed safety of the silage.

Advantages of BioStabil

» Improved fermentation

» Longer durability through improved aerobic stability

» Higher energy content and dry matter recovery

» Protein preservation

» Higher animal productivity and profit

Wrapped silage

Biomin® BioStabil Wraps HC silage inoculant contains homofermentative bacteria for an improved anaerobic fermentation process in wrapped silage (round bales, tunnel silos or similar ensiling).

Biomin® BioStabil Wraps HC is suitable for a wide spectrum of ensiling crops (e.g. grass, alfalfa, whole crop cereal, forage sorghum, whole plant maize, etc.) and dry matter contents.

Silage for biogas

Mixture of selected homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria designed especially for silages which will be used for biogas production. Compared with silages used for animal feeding,

high acetic acid contents (> 3.0 % in the dry matter) stabilize silages well and palatability does not have to be taken into consideration.

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