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EW Nutrition launches new xylanase enzyme in Malaysia

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Singapore – December 28, 2020 – In its continued efforts to reduce antibiotic use in the region while also improving farm profitability, EW Nutrition launched Axxess® XY in Malaysia on December 17, 2020.

Axxess® XY is a next-generation intrinsically thermostable xylanase, with unparalleled stability under high temperatures and especially longer conditioning time. With its ability to break down both the soluble and insoluble fiber fraction from feed ingredients, the enzyme offers high flexibility in feed formulation. The newly launched product thus gives feed producers peace of mind when working with various feed processing conditions, as well as significant feed cost savings.

The launch took place in the context of a customer online event titled “Revolutions in Poultry Nutrition: The Future of Enzymes” for customers in Malaysia. During the information-laden event, Dr. Howard Simmins, an accomplished global communicator and independent key opinion leader, highlighted the need for improved functionality from xylanases. With his vast experience on feed additive development for animal nutrition and health, including cutting edge biotech research into enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and novel additives, Dr. Simmins also discussed ways to formulate feed accurately to optimize xylanase value, and optimize nutrition with enzyme products.

During the event, other presentations were delivered by Daniel Tepe, Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Michels, Head of Biotechnology, and Dr. Ajay Awati, Global Category Manager Gut Health and Nutrition, EW Nutrition. The webinar was hosted by Jurek Grapentin, Regional Director, EW Nutrition South East Asia/Pacific.

The webinar was rounded off with an interactive Question and Answer session, where the audience had the opportunity to have their questions answered live by the panel of speakers.

“This revolutionary enzyme is a testament of our dedication to provide a holistic suite of animal nutrition solutions to our valued customers in this region. Axxess® XY will provide a competitive edge with regard to feed formulation, which translates to cost savings to our customer. With the expertise of our R&D researchers, we are constantly striving to bring more innovative solutions to meet the challenging needs of this industry,” said Jurek Grapentin.

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