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Gut health

There is no doubt about the massive relevance of gut health for the overall health of an animal. From mood to immunity, and especially for production performance, gut health is absolutely essential.

EW Nutrition is constantly innovating in the field of gut health, through R&D focused on specific customer needs. In fact, we are proud to be among the companies with the highest R&D investment in our industry. And this investment is reflected in the quality of our products.

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Gut health and production performance

The Activo product line is all about improving animal performance consistently and predictably, with natural substances and proven benefits.

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Protect key feed ingredients from oxidation, remove harmful peroxides and free radicals in the rumen, and promote fiber digstion and milk fat production

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Fast-acting solution for respiratory issues

For animal producers, Grippozon optimizes production performance by quickly relieving respiratory challenges.

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Natural support against enteric challenges

An efficient solution supporting poultry in pathogen challenges, with excellent results and no resistances.

Egg protein

Egg immunoglobulins (IgY) are a relatively recent, but widely adopted solution for gut health and immune support. The Globigen range offers immune support for the development of young animals, as well as gut management support.


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Gut health and immune support

Natural IgY as a potent supplement to support the immature immune system of young animals, aiding gut health and successful development.

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Feed quality

To a large extent, animals, too, are what they eat. Feed quality is an essential hurdle to top production performance. From microbes to mycotoxins, feed can be the gateway for challenges that will reflect in lower productivity.
EW Nutrition is committed to supporting top performance throughout the production chain, and we are taking feed quality solutions to the same level of excellence as everything else.

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Improved feed and water hygiene with a range of products that inhibit pathogenic bacterial growth in feed and water and stimulate digestion

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Fast reduction of harmful microbes for feed ingredients, finished feed, and feed milling equipment

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Endotoxin and mycotoxin mitigation

With the Mastersorb range, we mitigate the invisible, but omnipresent toxin risks that can spiral into low performance and disease. Act against the risk of bacterial toxins and mycotoxins affecting the productivity of your animals.

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Inhibit the growth of molds and yeast, prevent nutrient losses, and help avoid the formation of mycotoxins

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An unsurpassed range of solutions to preserve feed and protect animals from oxidative stress

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Cost-effective support for animal performance when challenged with mycotoxin-contaminated feed

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Significant protection against oxidation, maintaining nutritive value and shelf life for rendered fat and protein meals, feeds and pet foods

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Increased pellet output and moisture retention with reduced environmental impact

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Support improved performance parameters, reduce the risk of mycotoxicosis, and maintain the overall quality of feed

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Consumers “eat with their eyes first”, linking the quality and acceptability of foods to their color. Pigmentation products are essential to developing market trust.
Meet our reliable, high-performing solutions that answer both consumer demands and producer needs.

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Colortek Yellow B

High-performing natural yellow pigment with high stability and consistent results for egg yolk, broiler skin and shanks

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Natural, stable, homogenous yellow pigment. Stable, efficient and long-lasting coloration with a high saponification degree and formulated against pigment oxidation

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Consistent and uniform natural red color. Efficient absorption with optimal dispersability and stability in the final feed


Without enzymes, there is no digestion. Enzymes help animals break down their nutrients so they can be better absorbed. For animal producers, they are essential to promote maximum nutrient absorption with minimum loss.
EW Nutrition has broken into the enzyme market with a revolutionary, top-performing product developed through our own R&D and tested with happy customers around the world.


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Full flexibility for higher feed performance

A novel xylanase enzyme, highly resistant to high temperature and pressure, with excellent results in improving animal performance.


We are aware that some customer needs are more distinctly targeted. Our products extend well beyond the ranges covered here. We are happy to discuss targeted solutions for your specific needs and provide support in any form, from recommendations to designing complete programs customized for your particular situation.


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An essential NPN source for ruminants

Prote-N offers a slow-release source of nitrogen based on feed-grade urea. Thus it supports the animals in building bacteria proteins in the rumen.

Efficient On-Farm Animal Care

Products for direct on-farm animal care, helping you deal with immediate challenges. Support for skin care, digestion in the first days of life, pre- and post-calving, respiratory support and more.

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