Mold and moisture services
support performance

Mold counts and moisture content
in raw materials, feedstuffs and compound feed

During growth, harvesting and storage, molds can develop when raw materials or feed are exposed to adverse weather conditions or through other factors that can cause kernel damage.

If left untreated, raw material and final feed quality will decrease, with the ensuing risk of mycotoxin contamination. Thus, frequent monitoring will allow feed producers to understand the current situation and plan to improve their own quality systems.

Mold and moisture

Lab Services

In animal production, feed quality and safety are always on your radar. With EW Nutrition’s Mold and moisture services, you have customized expert services at your door.

Technical expertise

Quick and reliable analysis

Actionable data-based recommendations

How does it go?

Feed quality integrated approach:

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    Feed mill sampling of critical control points
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    Analysis of mold counts and moisture content
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    Risk assessment
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    Product recommendation
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    Monitoring analysis

Your benefits

If your feed is safe, congratulations! You have gained peace of mind by doing nothing.

If there are any improvements to be made, you will get a recommendation for solutions and a roadmap.

You can now reach the highest possible boost for production from safe, high-quality, microbiologically-safe feed.

Easy mold and moisture control

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Surfactants solutions


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