Improved return
in pelleted feed production

Increased pellet output and moisture retention with reduced environmental impact

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What is SURFACE®?

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Increased pelleted feed production with economic and environmental benefits

SURF•ACE is a liquid preservative premixture with multiple economic and environmental benefits to the customer.
Through the retention of SURF•ACE during the production of pelleted feed, the application exerts an emulsifier action. This increases pellet output, improves conditioning, enhances the durability of the pelleted feed, reduces the formation of fines, and improves the overall quality of the final feed product.
Additionally, it decreases the costs of feed production mostly through energy savings and environmental improvements while assuring the microbiological quality of the feed.

Do you know how pellets are made?

SURF•ACE® gives proven benefits to:

Pelleted Feed
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Improve the microbiological quality of feed

Increase moisture without mold and reduce water dissipation

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