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Targeted solutions for poultry-specific issues

Nutrition can help you optimize health and welfare. Our innovative solutions can help you prevent and mitigate challenges, support performance, and improve profitability.

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Improve profits by acting preventively

Feed is the greatest expenditure in poultry production and one of the most important inputs for success in productivity and profitability.

With solutions delivered through both feed and water, with services and consultancy, you can support performance. You can ultimately reduce the need for antibiotics and set your operation on the path to predictable, consistent profitability.

Solutions for the poultry production industry

Poultry gut health
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Feed efficiency and weight gain
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Breeding performance
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Laying benefits
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Respiratory relief
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When you partner with EW Nutrition

you receive the benefit of a global network of knowledge, with a local network of regionalized application and support.

For each of your challenges, EW Nutrition offers customized solutions. These come in the form of products, services, consultancy, and more.

We usually group these solutions under programs, and we target them to your specific issue, your specific operation, and your specific location.

Efficient. Effective. Customized.

Poultry production is dealing with an increasing number of challenges. How do you keep high production figures at optimal cost and with reduced antibiotic use?

We bring into the equation our extensive experience, international research facilities, own production plants, and highly qualified local support and services. Our poultry-specific programs represent a combination of services, products and consultancy that provide holistic solutions for your operations.

Gut health, an essential component of performance

Poultry animals have complex digestive systems that fulfill essential functions. Their health and balance is key to performance.

To preserve this health and balance and to mitigate challenges, EW Nutrition’s Gut Health Management – Antibiotic Reduction program supports your operation with innovative products, services and models, with added benefits from our consultancy and support.

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Reduce bacterial toxin & mycotoxin risks

In poultry production, endotoxins released by gut Gram-negative bacteria in stress situations, as well as mycotoxin contamination in feed raw materials can dramatically affect your animals’ performance. At high levels, they can lead to acute disease and death.

The best approach to manage the risk of endo- and mycotoxins is to implement an integrated strategy. EW Nutrition’s Toxin Risk Management Program has been developed to assist you with general or seasonal risks by monitoring, evaluating, and mitigating the challenges posed by toxins.

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