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EW Nutrition’s programs and products support you in gut health management, antibiotic reduction, toxin risk management, young animal nutrition issues and more.

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Gut health and production performance

The Activo product line is all about improving animal performance consistently and predictably, with natural substances and proven benefits.

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Endotoxin and mycotoxin mitigation

With the Mastersorb range, we mitigate the invisible, but omnipresent toxin risks that can spiral into low performance and disease. Act against the risk of bacterial toxins and mycotoxins affecting the productivity of your animals.

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Gut health and immune support

Natural IgY as a potent supplement to support the immature immune system of young animals, aiding gut health and successful development.

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Fast-acting solution for respiratory issues

For animal producers, Grippozon optimizes production performance by quickly relieving respiratory challenges.

Full flexibility for higher feed performance

A novel xylanase enzyme, highly resistant to high temperature and pressure, with excellent results in improving animal performance.

An essential NPN source for ruminants

Prote-N offers a slow-release source of nitrogen based on feed-grade urea. Thus it supports the animals in building bacteria proteins in the rumen.

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