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IgYGate® series

IgYGate® is a functional health food product series developed by EW Nutrition Japan. This is a tablet form product that contains various combinations of Ovalgen® ingredients for specialized purposes.

1. IgYGate®-F
Lozenges fortified with Ovalgen®- FL (Ovalgen®- F). The product aims to strengthen immune system and resistance against infections, especially seasonal diseases.

2. IgYGate®DC-PG
Lozenges containing Ovalgen® DC and Ovalgen® PG. This product helps to strengthen teeth and gums and is ideal for use as a supporting tool during and after caries and gingivitis Treatment.

3. IgYGate Gastimun® HP
Sachet containing Ovalgen® HP as a functional ingredient. This product promotes a healthy stomach and supports patients during treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers due to H. pylori.