Consistent, uniform, 
red pigment

Consistent and uniform color. Efficient absorption with optimal dispersability and stability in the final feed

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What is XAROCOL®?

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A highly stable red pigment with 98% saponification

Based on natural capsanthin, extracted from paprika fruits (Capsicum annuum), XAROCOL® is a red feed premixture that delivers consistent and uniform color for egg yolks and broiler skin. When used in combination with yellow carotenoids, XAROCOL® delivers the desired level of red coloring as well as efficient absorption, optimal dispersability and stability in final feed.

  • Homogeneous particle size providing top bioavailability
  • Free-flowing characteristics
  • Easy handling and application
  • 98% saponifcation level guaranteed
  • Safe long-term storage

XAROCOL® gives proven benefits to these species:

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Start delivering optimal performance

Reliable pigments with consistent and uniform performance

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