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What is SOLIS®?

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Protect performance by targeting mycotoxins in feed

The large surface area of the proprietary combination of ingredients in SOLIS® and the specificity of the product allows for a highly efficacious effect at a low inclusion rate. SOLIS helps to reduce the mycotoxins‘ negative effects on performance without any negative effects of binding to nutrients and diet components.

Superior support against multiple mycotoxins

SOLIS® PLUS 2.0 is highly effective in reducing mycotoxins and mitigates animal performance impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins. It adsorbs, eliminates mycotoxins and strengthens intestinal barriers.

Endotoxin and mycotoxin mitigation for top animal performance

SOLIS® MAX 2.0 brings phyto synergy to toxin mitigation. It is a highly effective myco and endotoxin mitigating solution which supports intestinal integrity and liver function, with antioxidant and detoxification effects.

SOLIS gives proven benefits to these species:

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Prevent the negative effects of mycotoxins on performance

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