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COLORTEK® Yellow is a highly concentrated natural yellow carotenoid. It delivers high stability and consistent results for egg yolk, broiler skin and shanks.

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What is COLORTEK® Yellow?

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The next-generation natural pigment

Meeting consumer demand for natural products
» 10% concentrated source of yellow pigment extracted from the marigold flower
» Improved stability compared to traditionally produced natural pigment
» Produced in the EU in a state-of-the art facility with FAMI-QS certification and strict control of undesirable substances
Meeting producer demand for cost-effective, predictabile results
» Equivalent high and consistent pigmentation of egg yolk, broiler skin and shanks
» As convenient in use: optimal flowability, homogeneous mixing in feed and high stability

High bioavailability due to new proprietary technology
Reduced total application cost relative to apo-ester
Highly stable and equivalent to apo-ester
100% natural source of carotenoids

COLORTEK® Yellow gives proven benefits to these species:

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Get homogenous pigmentation

Cost-effective production, enhanced quality and attractivenes

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