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Preserve feed
and protect the animal

AGRADO Plus protects key feed ingredients such as oils, fats, and vitamins from oxidation. It removes harmful peroxides and free radicals in the rumen, promoting fiber digstion and milk fat production.

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What is AGRADO® Plus?

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Protect ruminants against oxidative stress

AGRADO Plus is a granular feed ingredient that contains a proprietary blend of synergistic antioxidants, in combination with a free metal chelator. With its superior efficacy, AGRADO Plus delivers clear benefits:
» Scavenges free radicals in feed ingredients
» Minimizes the harmful effects of physiological (transition period and disease), environmental (heat or cold), and nutritive (oxidized fat and mycotoxins) stress
» Spares 30% more energy than unstabilized fat matrix

AGRADO® Plus® gives proven benefits through feed to these species:


Promote oxidative balance for optimum performance

Support animal health and performance through superior antioxidant protection

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