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Support the stabilization of the gastrointestinal microflora with a range of products that inhibit pathogenic bacterial growth in feed and water and stimulate digestion

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What is included in the Acidomix line?

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Sanitize feed, optimize gut health

ACIDOMIX® AFL A liquid acidifier applicable in feed hygiene programmes. ACIDOMIX AFL is also recommended to reduce the microbial load in drinking water.
» Reduce the microbial load in drinking water
» Inhibits pathogenic bacteria
» Digestibility improvements
» Very safe: non-corrosive & easy to handle
» No bacterial resistances, no residues, no withdrawal period

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Improve feed hygiene and optimize gut health

ACIDOMIX® AFG is a microgranulated feed acidifier. Due to its strong antimicrobial effects, this product improves feed hygiene. The use of ACIDOMIX AFG is a preventative measure to control salmonella.
» Supports the prevention of bacterial infections through action in the digestive tract
» Reduces the incidence of unspecific diarrhea (dysbiosis)
» Acidifies the feed and digestive tract
» Improves feed digestibility
» Supports the improvement of production performance
» Prevents feed re-contamination

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Reliable pathogen control in feed and feed mills

ACIDOMIX® ASG is an antimicrobial that effectively impairs the development of Gram-negative pathogens in feed and in the feed mill. By reducing microbial contamination levels, ACIDOMIX® ASG supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract and higher growth rates in animals.

» Effective, flexible antimicrobial solution
» Acidifies the feed and digestive tract
» Prevents feed re-contamination

Flexible application

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Feed hygiene and support for a healthy gut microflora

ACIDOMIX® FL is a liquid acidifier based on selected organic acids including lactic acid. It can be applied in feed hygiene programmes as well as for the acidification of drinking water.

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Stimulate protein digestion and reduce the intake of potentially harmful micro-organisms

ACIDOMIX® F is a microgranulated feed acidifier which improves feed hygiene and thus reduces the oral intake of potentially harmful micro-organisms.

The ACIDOMIX® line gives proven benefits through feed for these species:

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Control in-feed pathogens

Consistent profitability with gut health support through optimally sanitized feed

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