Coccidiosis: Current control programs and new alternatives

Tuesday 28th September

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Tuesday 28th September, 2021 | 10am EST (Athens, GA) 4pm CET (Central European Time)
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Partners in Progress – Connect is a science-based webinar series, which enables the exchange of experience, knowledge and innovative ideas.

We are proud to introduce EW Nutrition’s phytomolecule-based answer to a long-standing customer need: mitigating and controlling poultry gut health issues caused by Eimeria Spp. This need has become especially challenging in times of increased antimicrobial resistance. Join us in this practical webinar on ways to mitigate economic losses with new natural alternatives.

Our guest and panelists will discuss how we can combine a natural solution in the classic control coccidiosis program, as well as the tools (products,management strategies) to effectively mitigate the Coccidiosis challenge.

Our guest: Dr. Brian Jordan is Associate Professor of Poultry Health and Production at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. For the last 10years, Dr. Jordan’s major emphasis was directed towards research and helping the commercial poultry industry control and combat diseases of poultry. Brian has especially focused on vaccine application and efficacy. His work has led to the development of a hatchery spray review protocol alongside a vaccine take surveillance program, which has been used by many commercial hatcheries to improve their IBV and coccidia vaccinesuccess.

Webinar Speaker

Brian Jordan, PhD
Associate Professor Departments of Population Health and Poultry Science
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